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Sensually soft bedding in beautifully designed colors and patterns

Imagine crawling into bed at the end of a long day, and feeling the rich softness of a bed covered in wonderful luxury linens. Your body sinks into the plush cushion of your pillows and your duvet till you feel cradled in a cloud. Your skin revels in the perfect temperature and softness of your splendid linens. 

When it comes to luxury, how it feels when you lay down in your bed can go a long, long way. Little everyday luxuries can remind you to slow down in the midst of our fast-paced world, and simply relish a wonderful moment.

Choosing which colors, textures, and patterns to complement your bed can be a challenge, yet also a lot of fun. Our fine linen collection includes SDH, Purist, Legna, Leitner, John Robshaw Textiles.

We Can Help You

Choosing which colors, textures, and patterns to complement your bed can be a challenge, yet also a lot of fun! How do you choose which colors to pair with your bed, your drapes, and maybe a carpet?

An investment in the luxury linens we offer provides the highest quality textiles available world-wide. They are made to last, they're easy to care for, and offer unsurpassed comfort.

Compare colors with swatches in-person, and get a personal design consultation to help you create the perfect combination of colors and textures. You'll love falling asleep every night in a plush bed draped in splendor. 

We invite you to explore our exclusive collection of luxury linens that cannot be found in the best department stores throughout the United States.

Fine Linens from Around the World


We proudly offer the full line of SDH Fine European Linens, including The Purist,  Legna and Leitner.  SDH is recognized worldwide as an industry leader in creating environmentally conscious luxury linens. 

 We are also excited about our newest linen line, John Robshaw Textiles.  The perfect mix of bohemian designs, fun use of color and pattern are irresistible in his bedding, decorative pillows, and throws.

 Explore these SDH luxury linens, John Robshaw, as well as Sontuoso and Amity Home.

European Luxury Bedding from SDH

Woven in Italy


Do you have allergies or sensitivities to chemicals? Not only are these linens luxuriously beautiful and soft, but they're also all-natural. There's not a single chemical dye or finish on this organic luxury bedding.

Woven in Italy


Luxury linens come in all shapes and sizes. Sustainability and comfort come together with the amazing textile that's used for all Legna products. Luxuriously soft and supple like silk, easy to care for like cotton. Even better, these linens are completely biodegradable and made from wood pulp sourced from managed forests.

Best Luxury Bedding from SDH

Woven in Austria


Truly a unique line of the finest linens, exclusively offered in the United States, through SDH. Leitner's woven cloth products have been a symbol of individuality and original living since 1853.

SDH Linen Luxury

A Paros Duvet Cover, Euro Shams in Golden Aqua, and the Anastassia Coverlet in Golden Aqua make this bed look light and airy.

Create Your Bedding Ensemble

Cover your basics with sheets, pillow cases (plus amazing down pillows), a bed skirt, duvet and duvet cover!

Then, play with layers of sumptuous texture. Euro shams are an excellently large pillow to add extra dimension to your bed.

Coverlets are a fun way to add an extra layer of texture to your bed, as an accent or blanket. You can coordinate it with smaller decorative pillows.

Duvets & Shams




Are you ready to enjoy what it means to have luxury at your fingertips?

Come explore these luxurious linens, and treat yourself to the most magnificent bed.