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Atlanta's bedding ensemble designer showroom new location

25.04.19 06:25 PM Comment(s) By katherine

After more than three decades in metro Atlanta, serving more than 25,000 customers across Georgia, the southeast, and beyond, we've got a new location!

Our designer showroom is now in downtown historic Roswell. Bring a friend to our new 27 Oak Street, Roswell, Georgia 30075 location. Then put your hands on the luxurious linens and antique finish bed frames. Together you can imagine your own dream bedding ensemble. We love textiles and bedding more than you do.

Have company visiting? You won't be the first customer who brings their out-of-town relatives to our store to show them our unique selection. It's almost certain they don't have what they'll find in this store back home.

Inside our brick walls you'll find fabric swatches you can run your fingers across. The texture is something you cannot appreciate from looking at photos on Pinterest.

Similarly, the antique finishes on our heirloom quality beds must be touched and looked at to understand why it's different than what you'll find almost anywhere else. The promise of a 'generations warranty' that goes beyond your own lifetime makes sense when you can touch and examine the quality of these metal frames up close.

"The shop has an incredible selection of luxurious linens in many styles, fabrics and colors," said repeat customer LuAnn Brown. "Knowledgable sales people are great in suggesting how to mix fabrics, colors and accessories to create your own custom bed."

Sometimes recent customers return just to visit and tell us about what it's like to lie in their new bedrooms. Or we'll hear stories of the reactions from those who received our linens as gifts. We love those stories. You don't have to be in buying mode to visit.

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