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Design your Dream Bed: Karly's story

31.07.19 08:04 AM Comment(s) By heirloomironbedsales

A Texas woman traveled to our Atlanta showroom to design her perfect bedroom retreat. Watch as she picks out her heirloom iron bed, choosing the frame and finish. Then she selected a color palette and all the linens to match. Duvet, coverlet, sheets, pillows, everything.

The video shows how she received the boxes when they arrived at her home. But the bed was constructed by her teenage son while she was away. The iron bed assembly was easy for him to do on his own. And he's an aspiring designer himself, so he made the linens up and designed the bed like a pro. Watch her reaction when she returns to find her dream bed fully assembled.

Her name is Karly Randolph-Pitman and we've enjoyed getting to know her. The design consultation took a couple hours of careful consideration. We had as much fun as Karly in considering all the options. Since her visit, we have been shipping all the linens, pillows, and bed piece by piece. She even ordered linen covered black-out curtains to make it easier for late morning sleep-in on the weekends.

"This may be the best purchase of my lifetime," says Karly.

It's something she has wanted as she approaches her 25th wedding anniversary. She says her bed is now much harder to leave in the morning. She tells us she wants Legna brand soft sheeting material throughout her house. She's thinking about her daughters' beds next.

Karly is an author who writes about how to soften compulsive habits, especially how to eat less sugar without feeling deprived. That sounds good to us.