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Handcrafted beds that will last a lifetime

The special tradition of passing a family heirloom from generation to generation

 can be preserved with our American-Made metal beds

Your bed is the star of your bedroom. 

Even if you're the only person who sees it, there's no doubt that taking the time to make your bedroom feel like a special place is worth it. This room is your retreat from the world. 

Heirlooms for the Modern Day


Our handmade Iron and Brass Beds offer character and uniqueness not found in mass produced, stamped steel imitations.

The rigid standards of quality craftsmanship and materials ensure these beds can be passed down for generations

Be Proud of Your Bedroom

You're worth investing in, and so is your private domain of the home - your bedroom. 

Let your custom Iron or Brass bed be the centerpiece of a sanctuary you create defining beauty, comfort, and relaxation; the quintessential invitation to unwind and escape the stresses of the day.

Heirlooms for the Modern Day

Design a custom metal bed frame, that can become your modern heirloom passed down through the generations to come. Heirloom Iron Beds are made of cold rolled steel, the strongest material available.

Did you know that most reproduction metal beds are made of aluminum? Whether they're inspired by Victorian era designs, or an Art Deco style, unless you can verify exactly what metal the bed frame is made of, it's likely to be aluminum.

Many people love the visual appeal of a wrought iron bed frame, but few enjoy it when their every move makes the bed shake and squeak. Perhaps this resonates with you.

If it does, you'll appreciate the dove tail interlocking rail system that's a unique part of an Heirloom Iron Bed. Supporting over 1000 pounds of weight, all without making a single squeaking sound, you can truly relax when you're in a bed like this.

The Interlocking Rail System

Not only does this rail system make your bed easy to put together, but it also helps it last longer - after a long life of loving your metal bed frame, you could pass it on to your grandchildren, and this bed would still survive after them.

You don't need to keep track of screws or other little metal pieces, just fit the custom engineered pieces into place and you're good to go

Your Very Own Custom Vintage Metal Bed


If you'd like to have an expert in antique metal beds to help you design the bed of your dreams, our team will be more than happy to help you!

Turns out, there are a LOT of choices that go into designing your custom Heirloom Iron Bed. 

Do you prefer a simplistic design or something more ornate? Or somewhere in between?

How high do you want your bed off the ground? Do you prefer a shorter or minimal footboard, or a taller footboard with more detail? Are you open to a footboard that's low enough for you to still sit on the end of the bed?

All of these options to consider allow you to personalize your Heirloom bed to your taste.

Special Finishes on Your Metal Bed Frame


Based on vintage metal bed frame designs, you can choose from a variety of special finishes applied to our beds that give different colors, the appearance of aging, and special textures.

All iron beds are covered in a non-toxic base powder coat of color. Even if you prefer the simplicity of black, your bed will have this extra layer of protection added to the metal. 


What Kind of Footboard do You Prefer?


Perhaps you're looking for something majestic and curving, that you can gracefully drape a throw blanket over.

Maybe you love the look of a footboard at the end of the bed, but you want the mattress to rise above the top of the footboard. We call this a "Mini-Foot" version.

Perhaps a minimal design in a footboard that simply compliments your headboard is more your style. We refer to this as an "Open-Footboard."

Open Foot
Wrapped Foot
Bow Foot
Arch Foot
Hidden Foot
Stubbie Foot

Schedule Your Consultation

We'll be happy to show you how different beds combine with the varying types of footboards, and which ones our customers like best.

The Artisan Workmanship that Makes Your Bed an Heirloom


A modern blend of metal alloys is poured into molds created from actual antique designs. It's like making a better version of an antique metal bed.

You get the authenticity of a design that's truly from the 1800s, the 20th century, or whatever era that yields the aesthetic you're seeking. All while getting the modern lasting qualities of forged steel.

Unlike mass produced imitations, Heirloom Iron Beds are a true reproduction of a vintage bed worth investing in.

With many finish choices the beds can be made to look like the original, or also complement a transitional or contemporary design scheme. 

These metal beds are made by master craftsmen and women. Their hands-on workmanship, and attention to detail are at the heart of each bed. Nothing is ever automated by a machine.

Each bed done one at a time, a true work of art.

Back several hundreds of years ago, screws and little nuts and bolts and other pieces weren't part of iron or brass beds frames. The pieces simply fit together, like two pieces of a puzzle.

This interlocking system is called a dove-tail joint. All you need to put these beds together is a hammer. Tap the pieces of the rail system into place to put the bed frame together, and tap the pieces to take it apart.

Got any questions?


What sizes do the beds come in?

It depends on the bed!

All beds come in full and queen size, most come in twin, king, and California king. A size will not be done in a bed model if the integrity of the design is affected. 

I don't like all this stuff at the foot; can you get it with just a headboard?

Yes, because the beds are custom made, the bed maker is able to offer many options.

We offer an open footboard which has a minimal design with maybe a shortened corner post, and maybe a crossbar or we can do what we call a stubby foot, which cuts and caps the corner post at frame height. This maintains the advantage and stability of our frame system while allowing for having no visible footboard, with the stubby feet being behind your bed skirt. 

What beds come with a canopy?

Iron beds available with a canopy are the Jessica, Juliette, Lady Jane, Betsy, and the Americana

Additionally there are many brass and steel designs available in canopy. Generally any brass or steel bed with straight corner post can become a canopy.